Out of all the religions we have studied in class and out of all of the presentations that we’re given throughout the first half of the semester, I have successfully come to one conclusion. Even with our differences in our beliefs, whether we believe in one God or multiple gods; we all can agree that there is one supreme being.

                The first religious sect that was studied was the Seventh Day Adventist whose first C of Christianity was Creation. He explained his belief in the book of Genesis found in the bible. This belief is widely accepted among Christians, for example the Presbyterians and the American Baptist Church. In the Native American Religion, there is a beautiful story on how the world was created by “The Great Spirit” based on a dream he had, and how enlisted the help of the four elements to create everything. In Hinduism, there are multiple gods that represent the personalities of a God who has no name but somehow exists in over three hundred gods. In Judaism God is a supreme being who is capable of having a relationship with his “earthly” children.

                I guess my major point as to why this all matters is because there has to be something out there that is greater than what is here. Religious beliefs might not agree in theology, or rituals or ways to truly find enlightenment or inner peace, but all of these religions can’t be wrong as to whether or not there is a supreme being. People who choose to believe in a religion may not be able to agree on Jesus Christ or controversial issues like homosexuality, abortion, clergy, organizations, or politics; but those of us who choose to have faith and believe can possibly agree that the God who is prevalent in all of these religions, could quite possibly be the same God under different names, thereby eventually uniting us as humanity, instead of focusing on the differences.