My freshman year in college has added to my professional and academic development by giving me more responsibility, exposing me to more things, and allowing me to push myself to become an even better performer.

          Allowing me to be in charge of my schedule, as far as assigning classes and making sure deadlines are met for certain applications (i.e. financial aid and scholarships) has given a clear idea as to what it will be like once I graduate from college. It is up to me to go to class and do the required assignments, just like it will be up to me to get up every morning and go to work. Every class that I take, I’m looking for it to enrich my future lifestyle in some way. I take Chinese because I refuse to die knowing only English. I take World Religions to improve my spirituality, and I can truly say this class has brought me closer to my religious up-bringing than any lecture or sermon I have ever heard. I participated in the play, because I wanted to see if acting in a musical was something I could consider doing for the rest of my life. It proved to be the contributing factor for me to continue my dream of one day starring on Broadway or the next new hit T.V show. With every class I take, I look for it to be beneficial not only to myself but to my community and the environment, and I’m excited to see what else ECSU has to teach me.