RiDL Form

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Religion in Daily Life Report
 Title of  document or event   How Great Thou Art performed by Chris Rice
Reporter:   Jennifer Phipps
Date, Time of the Event   March 12,2011
Report Citation:  
Please provide a short summary of this event:   To me this song sums up the common belief of   Christianity.
How did this document, event display the role of religion in daily life?  It acknowledges the creation of the world by admiring the Creator for all of the beautiful and marvelous things he has made. Then in the last verse it mentions the ultimate sacrifice about Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and how he saved the world from sin. 
How did this document, event reflect diversity in human life?  It reflects diversity by allowing all people to stop and notice the world’s beauty and splendor.
How did it reflect/influence your studies at Eastern?  Eastern Connecticut is a beautiful campus. There are many visions of nature still preserved on our modern campus. And this song seems to amplify the beautiful campus by showing how God allowed/provided the knowledge and supplies so “man” could create such pretty things.  
What do you want to learn, do after participating in this event or with this document?  I think I would like to plant or grow something, just to see if I could produce something as beautiful. So when I looked at it, I could appreciate the goodness in the thing the Lord allowed me to grow.