RiDL Form

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Religion in Daily Life Report
 Title of  document or event  Cherokee Morning Song
Reporter:  Jennifer Phipps
Date, Time of the Event  March 12,2011
Report Citation:  
Please provide a short summary of this event:  This is a Native American chant called “Morning Song” performed by the Cherokee people.
How did this document, event display the role of religion in daily life?  I’m not sure what they are saying, but I imagine they are thanking the “Great Spirit” and all of the elements which make up the morning.
How did this document, event reflect diversity in human life?  It reflects diversity by putting a new perspective on the elements of the morning. It takes time to thank the morning and to appreciate the one-ness with the world.
How did it reflect/influence your studies at Eastern?  I think when I have a hectic morning I will play this song to reflect and relax myself so things won’t seem so stressful.
What do you want to learn, do after participating in this event or with this document?  I guess I’d love to learn how to sing this song in cherokee and know what I’m saying.