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Religion in Daily Life Report
 Title of  document or event  Buddhist Chant: Heart Sutra (Mandarin) by Imee Ooi
Reporter:  Jennifer Phipps
Date, Time of the Event  March 12, 2011
Report Citation:  
Please provide a short summary of this event:  This is a Buddhist chant used in meditation. This chant is sung or spoken in Mandarin.
How did this document, event display the role of religion in daily life?  The art of meditation should be appreciated in all religions. It can be used to get in touch with oneself or spirituality.
How did this document, event reflect diversity in human life?  The fact that anyone has the opportunity to meditate should show the diversity within the chant.
How did it reflect/influence your studies at Eastern?  I’m taking Chinese so I am almost certain that this chant can help with pronounciation.
What do you want to learn, do after participating in this event or with this document?  I’d love to be able to sing this in Mandarin and hopefully impress my Chinese teacher.


jie di jie di bo luo jie di bo luo seng jie di pu ti sa po he (3x)
guan zi zai pu sa xing shen bo re po luo mi duo shi
zhao jian wu yun jie kong du yi qie ku e
she li zi se bu yi kong kong bu yi se
se ji shi kong kong ji shi se
shou xiang xing shi yi fu ru shi
she li zi shi zhu fa kong xiang
bu sheng bu mie bu gou bu jing bu zeng bu jian

shi gu kong zhong wu se wu shou xiang xing shi
wu yan er bi she shen yi wu se sheng xiang wei chu fa
wu yian jie nai zhi wu yi shi jie
wu wu ming yi wu wu ming jin
nai zhi wu lao si yi wu lao si jin
wu ku ji mie dao wu zhi yi wu de yi wu suo de gu

pu ti sa duo yi bo re po luo mi duo gu
xin wu gua ai wu gua ai gu wu you kong bu
yuan li dian dao meng xiang jiu jing nie pan
san shi zhu fo yi bo re po luo mi duo gu
de a nou duo luo san miao san pu ti
gu zhi bo re po luo mi duo shi da shen zhou
shi da ming zhou shi wu shang zhou shi wu deng deng zhou
neng chu yi qie ku zhen shi bu xu
gu shuo bo re po luo mi duo zhou ji shuo zhou yue
jie di jie di bo luo jie di bo luo seng jie di pu ti sa po he (3x)