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Religion in Daily Life Report
 Title of  document or event  Heaven- Los Lonely Boys
Reporter:  Jennifer Phipps
Date, Time of the Event  March 12, 2011
Report Citation:  
Please provide a short summary of this event:  This is a song called “Heaven” by Los Lonely Bros.
How did this document, event display the role of religion in daily life?  I find this song to be very spiritual, since it’s about someone going through something and asking God when this suffering will be over; or atleast that’s what I get from the song. I personally find comfort within it; especially if I’m going through a difficult time in my life. This song helps me look ahead, past my problems and find hope.
How did this document, event reflect diversity in human life?  This songs reflects diversity because anyone can relate to it.There is no specific race or religion (except for those who choose not to believe) that this song excludes or addresses. So anyone with the belief of a higher power and a better place could relate to his song.
How did it reflect/influence your studies at Eastern?  My freshman year has been the toughest year of my life. The challenges I have had to face have been strenuous and this song has helped me personally. So I would say that this song has encouraged me to continue my education at Eastern.
What do you want to learn, do after participating in this event or with this document?  I guess I’d like to learn to sing this song in spanish, since part of the song is in spanish. It would be interesting to see if there is a spanish version.